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Can player evaluation and aptitude testing be harmful to kids and how to do it safely?

March 20, 2017 - Posted by

Unexpected reaction to our Tests feature release

Everyone in our team was excited when we released new features for player evaluation and testing and sending progress reports via email. We had planned it with the best intention to help coaches track player’s progress and give personal feedback to players – the thing that parents are missing most from their kids’ sport clubs.

Everything started very well and we got very positive feedback from many clubs using our software. But suddenly an opposition rose on our Facebook page over the issue of whether player evaluation and testing would deprive kids of fun of playing. Our post received comments like:

How A Young Coach Uses Software to Simplify His Work

June 16, 2016 - Posted by

It’s clear that sooner or later all membership and calendar management in sports clubs will shift from paper and Excel to special software. But many of you may wonder, what will the work of coaches be like after they have made this change? And is it worth the hustle? To get answers to these questions we talked to a youth coach Martin Kokkuta from HC Tallinn, who is already using Sportlyzer Coach Diary as an everyday tool.

We’re hiring an International Sales Representative

February 1, 2016 - Posted by
Always be closing

Sportlyzer is looking for an international sales representative with very strong sales skills in English, and experience in software sales. Your job is to close our incoming free trial sign-ups to paying customers. You own, manage, and drive the full sales cycle from first contact through closing. You will be communicating to customers in different time zones which means that you need excellent time management skills and a lot of self-discipline.

We’re hiring a content marketer

July 1, 2015 - Posted by
Image credit: (Chris Lake) via (

Sportlyzer is looking for a content marketing specialist with very strong creative and professional writing skills in English, and a lot of insights into youth and amateur sports. You will be writing and marketing articles about sports club administration and training management, product release newsletters, press releases, copy for digital products, and creating white papers and infographics. The other just as important half of the work is marketing your creation: communicating to bloggers and journalists, managing our social media accounts, and sending out the newsletters.

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