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How a regular guy passed pro athletes in the Sportlyzer activity leaderboard

April 1, 2014 - Posted by

Recreational athletes always struggle to find time for training – extreme working hours, family, friends and social media barely leave a chance for anything else. Our team leader Tõnis recently found his way out and now he’s leading big time ahead of pro athletes in the Sportlyzer activity leaderboard. How did he make it?

Actually it wasn’t very hard and now you can learn to do it yourself. Here’s the recipe how to take the winning place in the leaderboard:

1. Tõnis started commuting by bicycle to work.
2. He waited patiently for the first of April and asked his team mate Jaan what prank could Sportlyzer do for April Fool’s Day.
3. Enlightened by Jaan’s idea Tõnis waited no more and asked his other team member Indrek to make everyone No 1 in their personal leaderboard for April 1.

Shortly that’s it! Now log in to Sportlyzer, check your leaderboard and enjoy it only for today. Happy April Fool’s Day!


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Tõnis Saag

Tõnis is the founder of He was an active sports karate athlete, representing the Estonian National Team 53 times over a 10-year period and winning numerous international tournaments and Estonian Championships. Tõnis was a certified youth coach for 13 years, working constantly with 100+ athletes. Half of that time he was also responsible for their club's development and daily administration. He was also a co-author of the first Estonian textbook for karate coaches and a board member of the Estonian Karate Federation for 2 years. Before starting with Sportlyzer, Tõnis founded and managed functional testing and sports medicine lab

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