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Can player evaluation and aptitude testing be harmful to kids and how to do it safely?

March 20, 2017 - Posted by

Unexpected reaction to our Tests feature release

Everyone in our team was excited when we released new features for player evaluation and testing and sending progress reports via email. We had planned it with the best intention to help coaches track player’s progress and give personal feedback to players – the thing that parents are missing most from their kids’ sport clubs.

Everything started very well and we got very positive feedback from many clubs using our software. But suddenly an opposition rose on our Facebook page over the issue of whether player evaluation and testing would deprive kids of fun of playing. Our post received comments like:

Hormone abuse a real problem in youth sports

April 1, 2015 - Posted by
Don’t let kids be the casualties of overambition (Image credit)

We might think it only happens in professional sports, but it’s far worse than that. The quest for success is not always righteous and some fall off track, trying to reach their goals using the darker arts of the game. It is now infiltrating youth sports as well and at a younger age than we would ever imagine.

The stumbling blocks of LTAD: why is it hard to implement?

March 2, 2015 - Posted by
You will take some hits on the way, but Long-Term Athlete Development model is the way forward

We have delved into the subject of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) in our last blog post. We looked at the benefits that focusing on the long-term, holistic development of an athlete can bring. Many may feel that a lot of what adds up to the LTAD model is common sense – people mostly agree with the concept pretty easily. Yet we still see that actually applying LTAD to the whole training process as an overarching idea can be difficult as practical problems arise. But to solve these problems, we first have to define them.

Seven benefits of Long-Term Athlete Development model: Why follow it?

February 26, 2015 - Posted by

long-term athlete development

The whole team of Sportlyzer has grown up doing sports. We have people who have excelled in swimming, karate or skating. We have people who have competed in rowing, football or triathlon and more. Even after youth sports we have stayed connected to the things we love, making us a pretty good example of Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) model. It’s a sports development model that we live by, intended to ensure long-term benefits from age-specific exercising, bringing lifelong sports enjoyment and success. Let’s discover the major benefits of the LTAD model.

Why Do We Need Physical Literacy?

February 13, 2015 - Posted by

Climbing is an important part of physical literacy

Physical literacy is a brilliant concept that has been gaining some traction in the sports community. Canadians, the frontrunners of the concept, have started to implement the idea in their sports community on a large scale, but to the wider world, being physically literate is either a complete nonsense or just being good at sports.

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