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10 reasons why you should invest in Sportlyzer

June 9, 2016 - Posted by

As you may already know we are raising funds for Sportlyzer. It’s a unique possibility for everyone to participate as an investor and we wanted to give you 10 good reasons why this is a great opportunity.

1. Sportlyzer is solving a real problem

Youth and amateur sports clubs are not using special software and their membership administration is solved using multiple disconnected tools like paper, Excel, email, Doodle, etc.

To help them out, we have developed Sportlyzer – software for sports clubs. Clubs can bring all of their athletes to Sportlyzer, share training schedules, and organize all related communication. The benefits are saved time and smarter coaching decisions.

Sportlyzer is solving youth sports clubs problems

2. Targeted on the largest niche of sports

Youth and amateur sports clubs are the largest niche of sports. In Europe alone there are more than 1M sports clubs that engage over 230M people including staff, athletes and parents.

3. Sports clubs are ready for innovation

Just 5 years ago Sportlyzer would not have made sense as a business. Using a laptop at a football field or near a swimming pool would have been too uncomfortable for coaches. But today smartphones and mobile internet are used by everyone. Besides, professional sports clubs have started adopting technology at a fast pace, serving as a role model to grassroots sports.

Sportlyzer software for sports clubs

4. The markets of sports coaching software and sports analytics are growing at a fast pace

The market of sports analytics is expected to grow from 313 MEUR in 2016 to 4.2 BEUR in 2021. And its subset, the market of sports coaching technology platforms is expected to grow from 100 MEUR in 2016 to 818 MEUR in 2021 (source:

5. Sportlyzer will be ready for fast international growth soon

There are multiple signs showing that Sportlyzer will be ready for fast growth soon: paying customers from 30+ countries, ability to get 2,500 new clubs a month to sign up, the ratio of customer lifetime value and customer acquisition cost equals to 3.5,  May-to-June revenue growth 20.5%, and 40% of paying customers mark the likelihood of recommending Sportlyzer to other colleagues to be 9-10 out of 10.

6. Awarded as the Best Technology for Managers and Coaches

Sportlyzer won the category of the Best Technology for Managers and Coaches at the international Sports Technology Awards 2016 held in London. Sportlyzer was honored to be in the same line with the winners of other categories like NBA, Fox Sports, BBC Get Inspired, SAP and WTA.

Sportlyzer - Sports Technology Awards 2016 winner

7. Our team. Knows. Sports. Period.

Here are some combined numbers to prove it:
– 62 Estonian Champion titles (4 persons)
– 33 years of coaching experience (3 persons)
– 19 years of club management experience (2 persons)
– 5 years in the management of sports federations (2 persons)
– 240 competitions organized, including 2 World Cups (4 persons)
– 12 coaching books written (5 persons)
– 220+ science articles published (3 persons)

Sportlyzer product manager Marko Tiidla

8. Join seasoned startup investors

Our current investors are Rain Kivisik, Rein Lemberpuu, Andrus Oks, Ivo Remmelg, Jüri Kaljundi and Carlos Eduardo Espinal. They have 90+ combined years of entrepreneurship experience and they have built over 20 companies including Playtech, Seedcamp, Telegrupp, and CV-Online. Besides Sportlyzer they have made around 300 startup investments including Transferwise, Grabcad, Fishbrain, Farmeron,, Modesat, Realeyes, Linguist, etc.

9. Great long-term return on investment

This year we expect Sportlyzer to make the breakthrough to fast growth and raise a larger round of series A funding in mid 2017. So, the current round is the last good opportunity to get Sportlyzer’s shares at a considerably low price.

Everything in Sportlyzer has been designed for scaling and once we are ready to grow really fast, valuation goes up very quickly. Our current investors are looking for >40x upside in 5-7 years from now, but you can always sell your shares on Funderbeam Markets before that.

10. Youth sport deserves your contribution

Youth and amateur sports is the environment where children gain their habits of physical activity and fair play. This is also the basis where all the great athletes have started. Through Sportlyzer you can help youth sports develop to a new level and make it a good investment at the same time.

Are you interested to invest in Sportlyzer?

Go to Funderbeam Markets to learn more about the opportunity. Don’t worry about the bureaucracy and your privacy there. Founders of Funderbeam have done the same at stock exchanges and leading banks – they know their jobs and will make sure that you are safe there.





Sportlyzer is an award-winning team and training management software for youth and amateur sports. Log in or sign up now!

Sportlyzer - Sports Technology Awards 2016 winner

Tõnis Saag

Tõnis is the founder of He was an active sports karate athlete, representing the Estonian National Team 53 times over a 10-year period and winning numerous international tournaments and Estonian Championships. Tõnis was a certified youth coach for 13 years, working constantly with 100+ athletes. Half of that time he was also responsible for their club's development and daily administration. He was also a co-author of the first Estonian textbook for karate coaches and a board member of the Estonian Karate Federation for 2 years. Before starting with Sportlyzer, Tõnis founded and managed functional testing and sports medicine lab

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