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Sports team payment tracking reborn

June 21, 2019 - Posted by

Club managers and professional accountants have been using Sportlyzer’s sports team payment tracking for years now. They all confirm that it’s accurate and saves a considerable amount of time and money for them when dealing with payment tracking.

Here’s a quick summary of how our Invoicing functionality can help you:

  • Invoicing your athletes
  • Payment tracking
  • Reminders to debtors

Sports team payment tracking

Whoever has been involved in collecting monthly membership fees and tracking payments in sports clubs knows how annoying and time consuming this process can be. That’s why we decided to automate as much of it as possible. Want to see what we have?

Send invoices to club members

Automate your invoicing – easily create and send your branded invoices to anyone in your club. It doesn’t matter if you send 1 or 100 invoices, everything is done with just a few clicks.

Automatically track payments in your sports team

Sports team payment tracking really is reborn! We know how difficult it is to check all the payments manually from the bank. But now there’s a better way. Just download the bank statement file from your local online bank and import it to Sportlyzer to receive a list of all the payments (and debtors). NB! ISO 20022 XML file format is needed. If your bank doesn’t support that format, please let us know and we will send you an Excel template that is also supported by Sportlyzer.

Bank import

Sending out invoices and tracking payments has become so much easier for us. With just a few clicks, my coaches and I see who have paid their monthly fees, and who have not.

Marek Naaris

Manager & coach at FC Elva (500+ players)

Export to professional accounting software

A big issue with invoices is that they are usually created by club managers, but accounting is done by professional accountants. This means that accountants spend a huge amount of time (and sports clubs’ money) to re-enter the invoices to their accounting software. This is not the case with Sportlyzer as all your invoices can be exported as a CSV file to a professional accounting software if needed.

The invoicing app allows me to avoid unnecessary work of manually re-entering hundreds of sales invoices to my ERPLY Books accounting software. It saves me hours with a 100-member club, and a full working day with a 500-member club.

The real winner will be the sports club. When introducing the invoicing app to your accountant, make sure to ask for a reduced accounting fee.

Taavi Sloog

Accountant at SISU Advisory

A good overview of everything

When all is done, then the Club Dashboard will give you a nice overview of everything that’s going on in your club, including the groups’ income. This means that you can easily find the problematic areas in your club and address them fast. Learn more about the Club Dashboard.

Group's income widget in dashboard


Go and try the sports team payment tracking yourself (we offer 2 weeks free trial).




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