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Sportlyzer product update (invitations and invoicing)

February 22, 2017 - Posted by

We have improved Sportlyzer to make some of your tasks faster and others more clear. Take a look!

Sportlyzer product update - invitations and invoicing


Select who will get the invitations

You can now include parents when sending invitations to players to participate in a training session, event or competition. This is useful for younger players who don’t have email or who don’t read their email very often.

The invitations go to players’ and parents’ emails and to their dedicated mobile apps (Sportlyzer Parent App or Sportlyzer Player App).

Send invitations and notifications to parents - Sportlyzer

Add a personal invitation message

Invitations can now be sent out with the text of your choice. Write a shorter or longer description, add instructions about how to get there, or write whatever is important for you and the invitees.



Auto-confirm all perfect matches after a bank import

Perfect matches will probably cover approximately 70% of all of your invoices and payments. And these can now be confirmed with a single click.

Perfect match is when Sportlyzer finds the same invoice number and payment amount on both the invoice and the bank payment. E.g. when the invoice #123456789 covers a sum of 30 € and the bank payment includes the same information.

So when Sportlyzer finds perfect matches after importing the bank statement, you can confirm them all with just one click. This means that you will only need to manually look over the remaining rows.

Confirm perfect matches when uploading a bank statement - Sportlyzer

Add a custom date to cash payments

Cash payments can now be added to Sportlyzer with a date of the payment. So when a player paid the club in cash on Wednesday but you entered the amount to Sportlyzer on Friday, you can add the Wednesday’s date for that payment.

Add date to cash payment - Sportlyzer


Usability and clarity

Besides the above-mentioned, we have added a lot of small updates that will make using Sportlyzer easier and more clear. You’ll find them here and there around Sportlyzer.

And in case you missed our last post, you can now search players by their own or their parents’ contact information (names, emails, phone numbers).




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Jaan Saks

Jaan is the CEO of Sportlyzer and has been involved in sports for his whole life. His higher education combines sports science with marketing and he has been part of the Estonian speed and inline skating teams, winning various national and international championships. He has coached kids, juniors and adults and has co-founded his own amateur skating team. Besides his athlete and coach career, Jaan has co-started various successful sports events in the past.

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