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You can now search players by parents’ contact details

February 3, 2017 - Posted by

Great news, folks. You can now search players by their own or their parents’ contact information (names, emails, phone numbers).

Sportlyzer advanced search (search by parents contacts)

This is really useful in many situations, e.g.:

  • You get an email from a parent asking for information about their kid. But the kid’s name is not mentioned in the message and you don’t recognize the parent’s name.
  • Someone sends you an SMS asking about their training session the next day but it’s from an unknown number and you have no idea who it is.

So just go to the Players view of your club and type any of the following player or parent data in the search field:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • National ID number

The results will show you the players who are associated with your search.



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Jaan Saks

Jaan is the CEO of Sportlyzer and has been involved in sports for his whole life. His higher education combines sports science with marketing and he has been part of the Estonian speed and inline skating teams, winning various national and international championships. He has coached kids, juniors and adults and has co-founded his own amateur skating team. Besides his athlete and coach career, Jaan has co-started various successful sports events in the past.

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