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Why our customers and sports experts invested in Sportlyzer?

June 16, 2016 - Posted by

Sportlyzer closed a successful 130K-Euros crowdfunding round on Funderbeam Markets and we were humbled to see our users, top athletes, coaches and other sports experts join to back us. These people see clearly why Sportlyzer is a must for youth sports and we wanted to share their insights with you as well.

Joel Lindpere

Ex professional football player who has played for 6 clubs, scored 19 goals in Major League Soccer, and played 107 games for the Estonian National Team.

Joel Lindpere is investing in Sportlyzer

“I spent a large part of my childhood in sports clubs and youth coaches have played a very important role in my life. Supporting development of the best tools for them is a way to say ‘thank you’ to all youth coaches.”

Madis Kokkuta

A Youth Manager of a handball club HC Tallinn and the CEO of a sports agency Kokkuta Management.

Madis Kokkuta about investing in Sportlyzer

“I and Sportlyzer have a lot in common – grassroots sports makes our hearts beat faster. I’m also developing the club philosophy in HC Tallinn and we have very high goals (just like Sportlyzer). You guys are doing the right thing on a market with a lot of potential.”

Mateo Fernandez

Manager of Club Voleibol San Martiño.

Mateo Fernandez about investing in Sportlyzer

“We are using Sportlyzer and it’s a useful software with many possibilities. Also, if Sportlyzer keeps developing, we’ll get more benefits in our club as well.”

Marti Soosaar

The CEO of SportID (a complete platform for managing company sports benefits) and the CEO of Estonian Federation for Company Sport.

Marti Soosaar about investing in Sportlyzer

“The whole world is going through a technological revolution and youth sport will be taking it’s part as well. I believe that Sportlyzer has a high chance of success as they have already accomplished a lot. I know their team very well and will bet my money on them.”

Sander Piibemann

Manager of FC Kuusalu Kalev.

Sander Piibemann about investing in Sportlyzer

“My club has been using Sportlyzer for some time now and I can’t imagine our lives without it. So I believe that Sportlyzer is a profitable investment for me. Besides, by helping Sportlyzer reach a new level, my club will benefit as well.”

Tõnn Sikk

Member of Board at an ultimate frisbee club SK Tartu Ultimate.

Tõnn Sikk about investing in Sportlyzer
Photo credit: Jana Pipar

“I’m using Sportlyzer with my team and I’m very happy with it. So it just makes sense to invest in them as well. And it’s great that I can start trading the shares already in the near future.”

Gerly Kostla

A coach of women’s leading basketball team in Estonia 1182 Tallinn and the Project Manager at BC Kalev.

Gerly Kostla about investing in Sportlyzer

“Sportlyzer has high potential in raising club efficiency all over the world. In the near future clubs will reach a level where technology is used for everything: training management, communication, data management, etc.”

About Sportlyzer

Sportlyzer is team and calendar management software for youth and amateur sports. We have paying customers from more than 30 countries, more than 17,000 clubs have joined us, and we won the international Sports Technology Awards 2016 contest. You can also read about 10 reasons why you should invest in Sportlyzer.



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Sportlyzer - Sports Technology Awards 2016 winner

Jaan Saks

Jaan is the CEO of Sportlyzer and has been involved in sports for his whole life. His higher education combines sports science with marketing and he has been part of the Estonian speed and inline skating teams, winning various national and international championships. He has coached kids, juniors and adults and has co-founded his own amateur skating team. Besides his athlete and coach career, Jaan has co-started various successful sports events in the past.

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