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Hormone abuse a real problem in youth sports

April 1, 2015 - Posted by
Don’t let kids be the casualties of overambition (Image credit)

We might think it only happens in professional sports, but it’s far worse than that. The quest for success is not always righteous and some fall off track, trying to reach their goals using the darker arts of the game. It is now infiltrating youth sports as well and at a younger age than we would ever imagine.

“It’s heartbreaking looking at their faces of anguish, discomfort and crushed dreams,” says Alex, aged 10, coming off the pitch and looking at the stands where he sees two grown men fighting each other over a foul in a youth basketball game. “It’s only just a game,” he remarks with wisdom well beyond his years. It’s clear that his dad has a problem controlling his emotions.

“Me and mom have been trying to change his attitudes and pitch-side behavior for years now,” he says. “I think we’ve done it all – banning him from the matches, GPS-tracking his phone. He even attended a support group meeting, but this addiction is getting out of hand. He always finds a way to the sports hall.”


A referee has captured this footage of a parent shouting at him with a GoPro camera (Image credit)
Jim, aged 38, delivers some encouraging words to his son Alex during the half-time. (Image credit)

Numerous studies show that youth competitions are absolutely buzzing with signs of testosterone abuse, resulting in aggressiveness and unsportsmanlike conduct, unnecessary shouting at the players, occasional bursts of tears and overconfidence that in hindsight is embarrassing for all parties involved.

This trend continues to baffle scientists, annoy coaches and disturb players all over the world. “Grow up already,” declares little Alex, echoing the sentiments of many around the world.

At press time, however, it seems there’s still hope in the world as long as kids like Alex know the real values in sports – participation, progress, being active, friendly and sociable.

This tongue-in-cheek report is of course inspired by April Fools’ Day and while this problem in youth sports has been decreasing, it’s still very real. Set a good example and be an inspiration to others while watching youth sports. Support your side and people, refrain from belittling the opponents and value progress over results. This is what we at Sportlyzer believe in. Thank you!

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