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About Sportlyzer

July 9, 2009 - Posted by

The Company

Sportlyzer is a sports technology company founded in 2009 by sports professionals and backed by the leading European business accelerator program Seedcamp, industry experienced angel investors, Estonian Development Fund and Smartcap.

Sportlyzer is a software platform for sports clubs that connects everyone in the club around the central club membership database. We help clubs raise their training quality, increase their administrative efficiency and simplify the way experience is shared between coaches and transferred to athletes and their families.

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The Team

Tõnis Saag

Co-founder, CEO

Tõnis is a previous karate athlete and has worked as a coach for 13 yrs. After finishing his sports career he founded and managed sports medicine centres in Estonia and served as a member of board in the Estonian Karate Federation. His achievements as a karate athlete include: 5ht place at European Championships, Nordic Champion, 15x Estonian Champion, winner of many tournaments in Europe, member of Estonian National Karate Team 1994-2005.


Indrek Altpere

Co-founder, Senior Software Engineer

Prior to joining Sportlyzer, Indrek was a back-end software developer at Playtech, one of the world’s leading gaming software development companies. Besides hacking (and he can hack almost anything) he has been always interested in math, physics and chemistry. Indrek has an impressive collection of exotic animals at home – many different lizard species, turtles and so on. And after joining Sportlyzer he discovered the positive effect of training on his brainpower and since then has turned into a regular gym goer.


Hanno Vene

Co-founder, Web Engineer

Hanno has a master’s degree in information technology and feels home in system architecture and back-end and front-end development. Just as Indrek, Hanno has discovered the positive effect of exercise on his coding speed and since then has turned into a regular gym goer.


Jarek Mäestu

Co-founder, Chief Sports Scientist (PhD)

Jarek is a reseacher in Tartu University with main research interests in training physiology, fatigue and overtraining. Jarek has cooperated with Estonian national rowing team and he lectures on coaching sciences in Tartu University. He is also a member of European College of Sport Sciences. After practicing cross-country skiing in his early childhood, Jarek specialized in rowing. In rowing he is a bronze medal winner at World University Championships in 2002 and 8 time Estonian champion. Today Jarek mostly keeps in shape with inline speed skating and running.


Aave Hannus

Sports Psychology Advisor

Aave has 10 years of practical experience in mental training of international level athletes. In addition, 10 years of academic experience in teaching and studying sports and excercise psychology. She started with ballroom dancing when she was only 3 years old, and further on added basketball and swimming. Today Aave stays fit practicing yoga and power walking with dogs.


Marko Tiidla

Android Developer

Marko studies information technology and joined Sportlyzer to unite his passions of sports and mobile technology. He started swimming 11 years ago and is 7 times Estonian champion. Since 2009 Marko is a member of Estonian swimming team. He’s also passionate about computer games, but recently lacks time for this hobby.


Silver Mikk

iOS Developer

Silver studies computer science and joined Sportlyzer to make use of training diaries easier for athletes. He started his sports career with rowing in Germany and achieved two silvers and 3 bronzes at German Championships. In 2010 he turned to triathlon and is currently training to qualify for 70.3 Ironman World Championships in Las Vegas. Silver describes himself as a lazy training logger and refuses to spend more than 5 minutes per day writing his training log.


Heidi Tubli

Customer Relations Manager

Heidi’s customer oriented sales career started about ten years ago with 3 years in The Southwestern Company, USA and continued with 5 years in real estate company Uus Maa in Estonia. Heidi breathes, eats and sleeps sports – she has practiced different sports from gymnastics to kickboxing to horse riding. Since 2010 she is a passionate competitive amateur rower. She loves nature and animals (particularly dogs and horses) and lacks photos of herself as she’s usually the one behind the camera.
Contacts:, gsm +37255586353, Skype heidi.tubli


Jaan Saks

Online Marketing Manager

Jaan is currently finishing his master’s degree in sports sciences and has studied marketing as an extracurricular program. He has been active as a sports event organizer and as an athlete. Inline speed skating has been his passion for almost 10 years and while practicing the sport he has been on the podium of many Estonian and foreign competitions.


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