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Coach Activity Tracking and Analysis

August 4, 2023 - Posted by

We have added the feature that allows you to easily track and analyze the amount of sessions as well as the time your coaches spend on training, competitions, and events.

Tracking coach activities

You can now get a report that shows how many sessions as well as how much time your coaches have spent on training, competitions, and events. The amount and duration are taken based on which coaches have been added to the appropriate events. Thus make sure you remove the coach from the event, if the coach was not present to ensure correct data in the report.
If a coach was not present at the event, you can edit the event and remove the coach from the event even after the event has taken place.

Downloading and Analyzing the report

To download the report, head to the “Reports” view, look for the report called “Coach attendance report”, then select the time frame and hit on “Create report”.

Reading the report:

  1. The first tab shows the overall amount of sessions as well as hours spent.
  2. The following tabs indicate the exact workouts, events, and competitions each coach has attended.


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