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Sprint 10.2 update: Easier financial management

May 21, 2015 - Posted by

Two updates in the same day? Well, why not! After just releasing Sportlyzer Android Coach Diary app overhaul, we have some updates for our web app as well. This week we’ve focused on performance improvements, with some upgrades done to invoicing and widgets as well.

1. Manual account balance amendments

Balance amendment

A lot of sports clubs use bank payments and cash payments at the same time, which can make tracking your finances a bit of a headache. When bank imports and Invoicing app make it easy to see who’s paid via bank transfers, it was a bit harder to see the balance when some of the fees were paid in cash.

We’ve solved this problem with our new update. If you go to select a member from the Members & Groups app and go to the Payments tab.

2. Compact Calendar widget

Calendar widget (compact)

With the last Sportlyzer release, we brought you a Calendar widget to put on your website. It gave you a great visual overview of your workouts, competitions and other events. For some clubs though, using a smaller Calendar widget on their website is more convenient, so yeah, we’ve done that too! Go to your club settings and look at the widget section to copy the new smaller Calendar widget to your website’s HTML. For more info, visit our Help Center!

3. Billing pop-up before sending out invoices

Call it a bug fix or an improvement, but there will be no more empty invoices! If you have forgot to add your club’s billing information, a notification will remind you that invoicing is slightly more efficient if people know where to pay the money.

4. Some minor updates to improve your workflow

As always, nothing big ever comes with smaller additions, so if you see a new button here or there, it’s done to make your life in Sportlyzer easier. Less clicks, less time spent so you can focus on coaching an club development!

Like the new updates or think we should focus on something else? Let us know in the comments below!


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