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Set participation limits to events

November 10, 2020 - Posted by

We have just finished developing a long-waited functionality to set participation limits to events. This means that if you can only train 10 people at once, only the first 10 to RSVP, can participate, and others will have to wait for a spot to open up.

Set participation limits to events

Here’s how it works.

  1. Coaches can mark down a maximum number of participants for their events (by editing any event in the calendar).
  2. Athletes can RSVP to the events as usual (via their mobile app or email invitations).
  3. If the participation limit is reached, new RSVP-s are not allowed and a message is shown to the athletes that they can register only if a spot opens up.
  4. Coaches can always increase the limit or override it and add athletes to the participants’ list manually.
  5. If a spot opens, coaches can send a new invitation for athletes to RSVP.

Use this functionality when your club structure or the COVID-19 restrictions in your country require setting limits to the number of people in the training session or event.


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Jaan is the CEO of Sportlyzer and has been involved in sports for his whole life. His higher education combines sports science with marketing and he has been part of the Estonian speed and inline skating teams, winning various national and international championships. He has coached kids, juniors and adults and has co-founded his own amateur skating team. Besides his athlete and coach career, Jaan has co-started various successful sports events in the past.

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