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Parent App Gives Sports Parents a Full Overview of Their Kid’s Training

June 21, 2016 - Posted by

We know how important (and difficult) the communication between coaches and parents is. That’s why we created the Sportlyzer Parent app for all sports parents!

Sportlyzer Parent app

With the Parent app for Android and iOS, you can always check your kid’s training schedule, mark availability and view attendance reports without personally contacting the coach. And if the need arises, you’ll always have the coach’s contacts at hand.

By the way, athletes and players can use the same app to do all those things themselves as well.

Sportlyzer Parent app Home view
Sportlyzer Parent app Home view

NB! The coach needs to use Sportlyzer Coach Diary mobile app or the web app to create schedules and handle athlete information.

Here’s a quick overview of what you can achieve with the Sportlyzer Parent app.

Check training schedule

You will always have the latest training schedule with all the details on your phone. Whenever coaches update the schedule, the changes will be instantly sent to the app.

Is your kid participating or not?

It’s easy to leave feedback to the coach whether your kid is coming to the next session or game. All events will be listed in the app with an option to say “Yes, I’m attending” or “No, can’t make it”.

With this feedback, coaches will know exactly how many athletes will be attending and this helps them prepare the session in a better way. Besides, you can also see who else has RSVP-d to save time in organizing carpooling.

Check your kid’s attendance records

Parents usually want to know how their kids are participating in training. The Sportlyzer Parent app gives you a nice overview of that.

Sportlyzer Parent app views - Schedule, Availability, Attendance
Sportlyzer Parent app views – Schedule, Availability, Attendance

View coaches’ contacts

Sometimes you need to contact the coach personally. Not to worry, all the team coaches’ contacts will always be at hand.

Update athlete profile

When your contact information changes, you can make updates yourself in the app. This way coaches will always be updated with the latest information about their athletes’ or parents’ phone numbers, addresses, etc.


We hope that the Sportlyzer Parent app will improve communication in your team. If so, then leave us a comment to tell us how. You can download the app from the buttons below:

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Jaan Saks

Jaan is the CEO of Sportlyzer and has been involved in sports for his whole life. His higher education combines sports science with marketing and he has been part of the Estonian speed and inline skating teams, winning various national and international championships. He has coached kids, juniors and adults and has co-founded his own amateur skating team. Besides his athlete and coach career, Jaan has co-started various successful sports events in the past.

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