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Homework 101 on Sportlyzer

March 24, 2020 - Posted by

Most of the clubs are offering homework for their kids as the coronavirus outbreak is preventing clubs to organize sessions on the field.

Sportlyzer has a solution to efficiently organize/share homework and to receive feedback from the athletes.

Homework 101 on Sportlyzer

1. Coaches add homework to the calendar

Homework should be added just as regular training sessions (Calendar -> Add).

2. Coaches add instructional videos or material to the homework

The description area is perfect for a detailed overview of the homework: what to do, how many sets and reps, what to focus on, etc. And a link to an example video on Youtube or an instructional PDF on Dropbox/Drive will make things even more clear for the athletes.

3. Coaches send out notifications of new homework

Once everything is added, coaches can send out a notification to everyone that new homework is added. Athletes and parents will receive this information on their email and on the phones as push notifications.

4. Athletes see their homework in their mobile apps

Athletes and parents see everything important about their homework in their dedicated mobile apps (Player App or Parent App).

5. Athletes leave feedback about finished homework

Once the homework is finished, athletes can let their coaches know whether they finished the session (yes/no option) and can leave feedback about how the home session went. They can also link videos or pictures about their performance.

6. Coaches see the feedback on Sportlyzer

All the feedback left by the athletes can be seen on Sportlyzer (Calendar -> Availability). Coaches can assign new homework based on that.

Coaches who need more details from their athletes can introduce training data upload from heart rate monitors or e.g. Endomondo. Read more about this approach from our blog.



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