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Magic of Heart Rate: Exercising and Cardiovascular System

August 10, 2011 - Posted by

Enough of long texts! Today we start a series of articles about exercising all visualized as infographics. The series starts with the basics of training physiology and moves on to training according to heart rate. Our first infographic explains why exercising raises your heart rate, makes you gasp air and how it improves your physical fitness.

“I will go to gym tomorrow, I’m too tired today.”

March 30, 2011 - Posted by

Tomorrow I will do it for sure.” Everyone has thoughts like that. Sometimes we have good reasons to postpone intended activities. However, people – especially those who set rather high standards to themselves and apply perfectionism in everything – often put off things they actually want or need to do. This is called procrastination – avoidance of doing tasks that are necessary. Besides, failing to do things on time (or to do things at all) is often accompanied by feelings of guilt, inadequacy, self-disgust and even depression.

Why’s that?

Imagine: you prefer mango to papaya, and pineapple to mango. If you had a choice between these three, you would probably pick pineapple – it is the best. Procrastination has a similar logic: we start to think that a point of time in the future is better than now (I’ll be less tired, less busy, in a better mood etc.). In this way we start to hope that tomorrow is a better time for exercising or going to the gym, or visiting a doctor.

Why is it so easy to do something that ultimately backfires?

People postpone (or actually skip – they just don’t call it skipping) one workout because no single workout is responsible for attaining the goal. Thus, it is not a big deal to start tomorrow. The same way people don’t stop smoking because no single cigarette can be blamed for lung cancer. So, they plan to quit next week. And this way we slowly postpone important events in our lives.

Is there hope for procrastinators?

Yes, there is. The solution is in deliberate and detailed planning. This is one of the reasons why Sportlyzer was created – it helps you to create a specific plan and a set precise starting time for every single workout. Just having a goal and an intention to achieve your goal is not enough. The most important thing is to have an implication plan – a specific planning strategy.

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