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Attendance tracking just got beefed up with absence reasons

March 8, 2017 - Posted by

We have updated Sportlyzer’s attendance tracking functionality. You can now mark absence reasons, mark if players were late, write attendance related notes, and view color coded monthly reports.

Athletes attendance tracking at Sportlyzer

Here’s the list of things you can do to bring more order into your attendance tracking:

  • Add absence reasons: unknown absence, excused absence, absence because of sickness/injury.
  • Add a “late” mark to their record if a player is late to the session.
  • Add a comment to each attendance or absence record with detailed descriptions or your own remarks.
  • Compare the players’ RSVP-s to the actual attendance (see if they actually participated when they promised they would).

Editing attendance with absence reasons and comments - Sportlyzer

And you should definitely see the new beautiful colour coded monthly attendance reports for groups.

Attendance tracking with absence reasons and comments - Sportlyzer

Kalle Paas, the Commercial Director at FC Tammeka explains why this feature update is really important for them: “We have been waiting for the more in-depth attendance tracking functionality, because it helps us better shape our culture of practice participation. Why is it so important? Practice is a sacred thing for us and our goal is to facilitate a culture where players would miss a practice as seldom as possible. Of course, missing with a serious reason is not a problem, but sometimes practices are skipped too easily. In the latter case it is useful if the coach has a good overview of the absence reasons to be able to discuss with players and parents how to improve the discipline. When players participate at the maximum possible amount of practices, coaches can prepare more engaging sessions and move faster on with the curricula. Players can enjoy more interesting practices and will develop faster. Shortly, everybody wins.”

The update with absence reasons is available on the web app and on the Coach Diary App for iPhone. Coach Diary for Android and Parent App updates will follow in the upcoming months.




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