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Epic3: 3 Friends, 3 Weeks and 3 Different Activities!

July 12, 2011 - Posted by

Teams of 3 have to complete 3 times Ironman Triathlon distance within 3 weeks. It’s the team effort that counts – the split and order of distances and activities doesn’t matter.

Start: Monday – July 18th,

Finish: August 7th.

Each team has to complete the following distances:

o Swimming: 7,2 miles/ 11,58km;

o Cycling: 336 miles/ 540,75km;

o Running: 78,6 miles/ 126,585km.

Team members’ workouts will be summarized and the challenge winner is the team with the best total time.

The prize: Free consultation (for every team member) from Sportlyzer’s scientist and Coach Jarek Mäestu! And, of course – better shape and tons of motivation!

Challenge rules:

1. Send your team name and the names of the 3 participants to Teams can be male, female or mixed.

2. Each team member has to have an account in (we will use it to track your results). In case you need to open a new account, click here.

3. Every participant has to log his/her workouts to Sportlyzer and simply enjoy these 3 weeks full of cycling, running and swimming. We will summarize the results.

NB! It’s not important, how you split the distances and activities (E.g. John: 300 miles of cycling and 2,2 miles of swimming; Sarah: 5 miles of swimming; Mike: 36 miles of cycling and 78,6 miles of running) .

4. Follow our blog and/or join with the Facebook event – we will publish teams’ weekly results (as well as the overall winner at the end of the challenge) each Monday on both places.

5. If you have any questions, feel free to send another email to or use Sportlyzer forum.

Mike Lyzer

Virtual coach at Join now!

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